Different Types of Towing Trucks?

Tow trucks come in various styles and serve different applications. Major tow trucking companies rely on a few main types of tow trucks to help people who require Emergency Car Towing Services. Here is the list of main kinds of Tow Trucks and what sought of functions they perform-

    1. Flatbed or Rollback Tow Truck

Flatbed Tow Trucks, also known as Rollback Tow Trucks feature a flat-topped empty bed on their rear. This truck is especially designed to carry big, large vehicles on the top of it. Here is how these trucks functions-

When the customer requires Flatbed Tow Truck, the tow truck arrives at the location, and then they employ hydraulics to shift the flatbed up or down vertically then, they used to pick the vehicle and transfer it to the required location.

    1. Hook and Chain Trucks

Best Emergency Car Towing Service provides hook-and-chain truck service to move the junked vehicle from one place to another. Here is how this towing truck works-

There is a chain attached at the end of the towing truck, which is eventually attached to the large hook that is present at the top of the truck, this hook is used to roll back the chain whose one hook is attached to the towing truck, and the other hook is attached to the damaged vehicle. After the hook is attached to the damaged vehicle, the large hook (present at the top) rolls back the chain, leaving the last two vehicles of the damaged vehicle on the road, and the front wheels are in the sky.

    1. Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel lift tow truck is the latest version of hook and chain tow trucks. The only difference between the wheel lift tow truck and the hook and a chain tow truck is that in wheel lift tow trucks, we use a metal yoke to secure the vehicle, and to lift the vehicle, we use a hydraulic lift to partially elevate the vehicle in the air behind the tow truck.

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